Formentera, where time stands still

Let the sun bathe you

A journey to the discovery and freedom of Formentera





Vanguard and product

The best cuisine in Formentera

We offer exceptional cuisine that combines the best of Mediterranean cuisine with cutting-edge touches. Whether you're looking for a gourmet experience, a delicious brunch, a quick bite at the snack bar or a beachfront dinner, Cala Saona has everything you'll ever need to satisfy your culinary tastes. Each bite will be a sensory experience, combining flavours, textures and aromas.

Brunch breakfast

Breakfast Brunch: infinite delicacies

Delicious, extraordinary and full of exquisite details, our breakfast will transport you to a morning feast that will awaken all your senses.
A selection of freshly baked breads will welcome you, offering you a whole host of options. Seasonal fruits, fresh and juicy, and refreshing juices.
Eggs, prepared in different ways to suit all tastes, will be the star of brunch.

With our in-house chef, you can choose from a variety of mouth-watering culinary creations.

Snack Bar

Snack Bar: a relaxed bite

The menu is composed of simple but carefully prepared dishes, highlighting the natural flavours of Mediterranean ingredients. A relaxed culinary experience, on the spacious armchairs of our terrace, or directly to your room.

Cala Saona Restaurant

Mediterranean Terrace

The heart of the hotel, facing the sun, and our crystal-clear beach. A welcoming atmosphere, breathtaking views of Cala Saona and fresh Mediterranean dishes, set the tone for an ideal lunch in Formentera. Book at the reception desk.

Sol Post

In-Depth Cooking

Sol Post is an act of love for cooking that delves into its origin and flavour. It is a special way of understanding each dish, where the roots and their fusion are present in each emulsion, each grill, each marinade. This restaurant, which operates independently of the hotel, offers 19 and 22 courses and a wine cellar with more than 200 references.

Sun Restaurant

Live products

We keep the tradition alive by exploring all the opportunities offered by the island by land and sea with its rice, seafood, fish and pairings. Class, flavour and simplicity. Reservations are independent of the hotel.

Tiki Bar

Signature cocktails

For when you're about to finish. Or for when you're about to start. 100% natural fruit cocktails, accompanied by our resident DJ, who invites you to a different themed trip every day. Lose yourself in the spell of the sunset.

We are the island

You still have things to discover.

We have been rooted in this land for 100 years and that is why we know it like no one else. Our dream is and has always been the same: to share the essence of Formentera's way of life.

Cala Saona, Sa Pedrera and Es Caló are our three accommodation options. With a soul in common, but different in character, we invite you to live the complete CS experience.