Formentera, where time stands still

Let the sun bathe you

A journey to the discovery and freedom of Formentera





Here you live differently

An island within an island

In Cala Saona, everything moves at a leisurely pace. While the beauty manifests itself in the nature of the surroundings, the architecture of our hotel merges organically, offering experiences designed to go along with the suns movement.

Native elegance and light

Wood, stone and roots

Our rooms have a special and subtle aura that floats in the air, only noticeable when you finally immerse yourself in its atmosphere. The subtlety of the play of light in the different environments generates a space of total disconnection and seduction of the senses.

Well-thought-out gastronomy

Transcends the obvious

Our gastronomic service does not stop, both indoors and on the hotel terrace, or on the beach, from 8 am to midnight. Mediterranean flavours, a living product, signature cocktails and surprising fusions to escape the clichés. Let your senses tell you about it.

Slow Wellness

A different level of care

Native herbal and aromatherapy rituals, a wave to the sun, or workout routines. Our spa with gym, large paddle courts, and an infinite pool, will be your spaces to tone the body and activate the spirit.

We are the island

You still have things to discover.

We have been rooted in this land for 100 years and that is why we know it like no one else. Our dream is and has always been the same: to share the essence of Formentera's way of life.

Cala Saona, Sa Pedrera and Es Caló are our three accommodation options. With a soul in common, but different in character, we invite you to live the complete CS experience.

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