Formentera, where time stands still

Let the sun bathe you

A journey to the discovery and freedom of Formentera





Calm and movement

An oasis to connect body and mind

An oasis of minimalist lines, where everything is designed to revitalise and transcend. Each proposal is a bridge for you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the world, and regain a true connection with your life force. We aim for you to replenish and balance your body, mind and soul.

Our Spa

Spa with tours and saunas

Our spa is designed to live a true ritual beyond the obvious. Our sauna will help you find inner calm and relieve muscle tension. The water circuit at different temperatures will activate your immune system and improve the quality of your deep sleep.

A comforting pause

Comprehensive treatments

Some of our favourites are Couples or solo massages, cranio-sacral therapy, deep, body and facial cleansing, or reflexology. Each of the treatments is accompanied by essential oils of the highest quality, so that your skin regenerates and nourishes, while the postural rigidity disappears.

Greetings to the sun

Targeted yoga

Yoga hotel in Formentera. Discover balance and well-being through our yoga sessions in a paradisiacal setting. Best rates guaranteed! OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Keep your routine

Gym and paddle courts

For those who want to continue with their routine in a paradisiacal setting, we have two fully equipped outdoor paddle courts, available for rent, and a gym with everything you need to avoid putting a brake on your workout. Limited fitness machines, reserve your space at the spa 's reception desk.

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